Your Pictures

Don’t carve “I was here” into a monument that you recently visited
and that left you in awe. Take a selfie!

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Have you considered that sometimes local heritage sites are
world heritage sites because of their interconnectedness with other civilizations, with human inventions and progress ?
Chances are high that there is a heritage site just a short trip away from you. Have you met your local tour guide, your city historian, yet?
He or she will have a lot to tell you – or do you know something they need to hear about?

ARCH International is reaching out to everyone who is interested in fighting for the remains of ancient civilizations.
We believe the field of cultural heritage preservation needs an image change. These dusty relics that are thousands of years old are still standing for a reason.
The traditional stories we tell and listen to are still here for a reason.

Let’s come together and host museum parties, create travel snapchat stories and shoot heritage selfies.
Share your ideas with us and more importantly YOUR PICTURES.
We will feature them below in a gallery created just for you.
Creativity welcome!