Citizen Historians

In neighborhoods, districts, towns and cities, “regular” people make it their business to become experts on their own history. Read More

This one’s not really a problem, it’s a wonderful phenomenon.


Just trying to make these fabulous folks even more effective by recognizing their work and connecting them with each other for more impact.

How You Can Help

Look for your local citizen historians. Attend their events – they’re fun. Give them a round of applause. (And: sign their petitions, support their causes).

Are You a Citizen Historian?

Are you a hobby historian, a tour guide with a passion for monuments and ancient folk tales, a historian with a weekend job, a citizen with a
fascination for your town’s cultural heritage?

Email us to receive ARCH’s brief citizen historian questionnaire. Answer the questions that speak to you, attach some photographs, and we will create
a profile of you. We will send it to you first and if you like it we will feature you right here on our website. After some time, together, we will build
a global network of citizen historians.


Are you curious to know what citizen historians are doing right now to learn, to educate, and to connect with others? Click the “Read More” button under each photo below to read a brief bio and overview of what they are passionate about.

Werner Müller – Sharing his love for Cologne’s aviation history
Angela George – Advocating and educating about New South Wale’s cultural heritage
Benedicte Helegeer – Unveiling Belgium’s architecture and history
The next citizen historian is . . .