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Only through contributions like yours are we able to continue to work on our amazing projects. We appreciate every dollar because we make every dollar count. Call us to find out how your tax-deductible donations are put to work.

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Protect Culture

As a grass-roots focused organization, it’s important to use our resources to maximum effect.

Our headquarters are in a beautiful but rent-free, donated space in Arlington.

Almost everyone in the organization and the affiliates is an unpaid volunteer.

Our legal work, our graphics designs and our accounting are done for us pro-bono. We find that this not only lowers the costs, it also raises the quality – people contributing their talents and their time.

But sometimes it’s about money.

We’re low budget.

We’re transparent.

We’re very very thrifty with your money.

Here’s what we’re doing that costs money right now:

  1. Printing a storybook of an ancient Silk Road legend, with illustrations by hip Istanbul artist Murat Palta
  2. Buying paint, brushes stencils and other supplies for street artists who are painting Rumi quotes on blast walls in Kabul
  3. Putting up metal placards to help our local activists tell the story of an underwater city in Neapolis, Greece and a historic city wall in Cologne, Germany

And some more ambitious projects:

  1. Creating a boardwalk to keep people off the archaeological ruins and the fragile Roman salt flats (and coincidentally also the turtle breeding grounds) on the beach of Pavlopetri, while allowing them to enjoy the sights
  2. Conserving the tomb of the Prophet Nahum in Kurdistan

We need your help to make these things possible.

We promise to use your every dollar thoughtfully and carefully.


time to

No cog in a big wheel –
at ARCH, as an intern,
you’ll immediately
become part
of the core team

Volunteer at the Alliance for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage

The strength of the ARCH network is made up by the breadth of professional expertise by our volunteers. We have found that nearly any skill set can prove important for a specific project.

You might not think of a ship captain as an essential part of a heritage organization but he was invaluable when it came to protecting the world’s oldest underwater city Pavlopetri.  An expert in mining explosives that are used in the alps was key to finding a solution in Mes Aynak. A group of Thai students demonstrated in front of UNESCO headquarters to save a Buddhist city.


 If you share our passion for heritage you almost definitely have a skill that’s valuable to our team. A few hours a week of your personal commitment to a cause you find especially relevant, could sometimes be the decisive factor between success or set-back. Contact us if you can spare time. Whether it be a work space in our DC office or your laptop wherever you are – we have things for you to do.


About ARCH, Inc Internships

We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit, public charity activist organization for cultural heritage protection. We work with lawyers, political scientists, PR firms, civil society groups and the general public to defend heritage against the threats posed by war, extremism, and thoughtless economic expansion.

What We Offer You

  • A small team in a fun office environment. We offer you a large extent of independence and freedom to work on the projects and specific tasks you choose
  • As part of the position you will be closely working with our partner organizations, and networks here in the U.S. and abroad (World Monuments Fund, World Bank, Smithsonian to name only a few)
  • You will represent ARCH at events and workshops in Washington D.C. and the wider DC area
  • We are always happy to publish articles and reports you write/record and support you in the writing/production process
  • This is an unpaid position, however any work related travel costs and daily transportation will be reimbursed
  • Part-time arrangements or flexible working hours possible

What We Are Looking For:

We are looking for a multi-tasker who is committed and enthusiastic about our field of work. If saving culture and helping the righteous underdog is personal for you too, join us in our efforts

Are you a social media native, do you know platforms such as facebook, instagram and LinkedIn like the palm of your hand? Will you creatively and proactively engage with our audiences? You would also be part of our new website launch so if you have worked with WordPress before let us know!

Experience in fundraising would be a great asset but not a necessary requirement to apply.

If you think you enjoy working on any or all of the below fields please apply with sending your CV and a blurb about which project you’re most enthusiastic about, and your availability to

  • Social Media and Website Management
  • Media (writing, video reportages, podcasts, media monitoring)
  • Research (ancient heritage, culture and arts, history, archeology, architecture, politics, post-conflict reconstruction/reconciliation, legal issues concerning our projects)
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Graphic design, Layout


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Donate Your Art Work

One great way of supporting ARCH’s effort to protect culture is to donate a work of art. Your donation is tax-deductible in the U.S.
The sale of your art work will contribute to preserve arts and culture as part of the projects we work on. For more details please contact us.
We will mention you here on our website and on social media.

Artists who have already donated their works will be featured here soon!

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