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ARCH - The Alliance for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage

Humanity is capable of amazing feats of beauty and creation – but also of heart-breaking violence and destruction. The Alliance for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage (ARCH), a non-profit organization, stands with those who are working to make, protect and revere the great accomplishments of civilization. In ways large and small, we are committed to the promotion and defense of culture marred by crisis and war.

Urgent Action   MesAynak

Syria is home to some of the world’s richest and most diverse cultural treasures: pre-historic cities, Roman temples, Byzantine churches, medieval mosques, Crusader castles, Ottoman souks, and countless other monuments. Since the start of unrest in 2011, this heritage has fallen into grave danger from looting, gunfire, aerial bombardments, and deliberate partisan destruction. MORE »


Mes Aynak is one of the largest copper deposits in the world, located 20 KM south of Kabul in Logar Province. The huge site looms as major revenue source for Afghanistan, a country deeply in need of economic growth. MORE »


Immediately after the overthrow of the Taliban, the country’s newly installed government announced intentions to rebuild “within two years.” President Hamid Karzai traveled to the site for this declaration, and was received by a large crowd all endorsing his announcement. MORE »


ARCH invites you to help us build further on this great philosopher’s legacy by creating a RUMI GARDEN. We will create the initial such garden in Balkh, but we anticipate that once the template has been established, similar gardens will be established at many other sites internationally. MORE »

StoryBook   Tools For Education

Thousands of years ago, the tyrant king Senakhrib ruled the lands of Bukhdi, Hariwa, Arachosia and Bamikan (known to us today as Balkh, Herat, Kandahar and Bamiyan). He forced his subjects to work unceasingly so they could pay him high taxes and large tributes. If they failed to pay him their dues, they were harshly punished. MORE »

  After a conflict, cultural and educational institutions often lack even basic resources. ARCH’s Toolkit for Museums and Historic Sites provides essential guidance on how to set up financially sustainable programs, including tours, children’s education and international outreach. MORE »